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Effective Corrective

There are many ways to train a dog to do anything you want him/her to do. The methods used by trainers reflect this and run the gamut. Some trainers use positive reinforcement only – they only reward desired behavior; while

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Aggressive Play

Many dog books and trainers assert that playing aggressively with your dog encourages your dog to be aggressive. In my opinion, the opposite is true! For dogs with aggressive tendencies, rough play can provide a healthy outlet so that aggressive

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Treating the Problem — Not the Symptom

Many dog trainers disagree with me on this, but not all dog behaviors should be addressed through training. Just like people, dogs have basic needs for food, water, shelter, physical, mental, and emotional stimulation. These basic needs must be satisfied

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Sacramento Dog Parks

Finally a single map showing all of the dog parks in the Sacramento Metro area! I firmly believe there is no substitute for dogs being able to run full speed and chase other dogs and be chased by other dogs.

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Why a Slack Leash is So Important

There is no single thing that you as a dog owner can do that will improve your relationship with your dog more than to start walking your dog with a slack leash. I get more inquiries from people that want

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What Is Dogsharing?

Dogsharing can take many forms. Maybe you are frequently away from home, but would like to have a dog nonetheless. If the idea of having to kennel your dog every time you travel does not appeal to you, then you

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