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There are plenty of dog trainers that charge less than I do. Choose very carefully! I have many clients that have seen multiple trainers before coming to me that did not fix their issues. From the stories my clients tell me, there are a lot of really bad trainers out there giving terrible advice. Ask lots of questions, read lots of reviews online, be sure what any perspective trainer tells you makes complete sense and if it doesn’t make sense keep asking questions until it does. Many experienced trainers start at $1500 (or considerably more) to train a dog. I keep my prices low to make my services available to as many people and dogs as possible. I love what I do and I do this because I am passionate about improving dog/owner relationships.

It doesn’t matter how many dogs you have, or how many people participate in the training, my rates are the same. The number of sessions depends on how adept YOU are at changing the way you interact with your dog as I’ll be training you, not your dog. On average, basic obedience takes three to four sessions, each approximately 90 minutes in length. The rate applies to training time only — you don’t have to pay for my travel time.

I prefer to meet at your home for the first session to get a feel for the living environment there to see if anything there may be contributing to the behaviors you are seeing. For subsequent sessions we will choose a venue based on what we want to accomplish in the session. In a single session I can give you plenty to think about and work on for at least two weeks. My weekends sometimes book up two months in advance, but I do reserve two slots each week for new puppy owners — usually on MON, WED, or THU evenings around 6:30pm.

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My Guarantee

I AM THE ONLY TRAINER YOU WILL FIND THAT WILL GUARANTEE YOU WILL BE SATISFIED WITH THE SERVICE I PROVIDE. If we meet and you feel that you didn’t benefit from the session, I won’t charge you. I do not guarantee results, but do guarantee satisfaction with the service I provide. No reputable trainer will guarantee results. There are far too many variables. I know that I can show you what you need to do in order to get your dog to do what you want him/her to do. I have no idea if you are going to be able or willing to do what I show you needs to be done.

If The Rate Is
You and Your Dog are Friendly (less than one hour travel time each way) $80/hr
Your Dog is Aggressive Toward People $100/hr
Your Dog’s Owner is Aggressive Toward People $800/hr (just kidding — I don’t meet with aggressive owners)

I offer group first sessions biweekly and I recommend a group session as our first session. The group sessions are half my normal rate and allow you to start sooner since my weekends are typically booked a couple of months out. The group sessions are a lot of fun — I love doing them and the clients find them really fun as well. The group session cost is $80 (total, not per hour) for one person or $100 for two people with six or more dog owners present, but no dogs. It may sound strange to not have a dog there, but keep in mind this is dog owner training, NOT dog training. In the first group session I held every owner said that they would have gotten more out of it if they had not brought their dog! In most cases, the dogs are a distraction for the material we will cover in the initial session. The first session is about setting a foundation to make sure your dog takes direction from you. This piece needs to be in place before you can change any behavior your dog has. We can accomplish that in a group setting. and then do individual sessions after that to address the particular behaviors you want to change. I actually cover more information in the 2.5 hour Group Session than I do in a private session because the group asks more questions so we cover more topics. The advantage to the group class is that we can meet sooner so you will have plenty of things to start working on before we have a private session and also the cost is considerably less than a private session.

Benefit of Private Dog Training

Classes are good for socializing your dog around people and other dogs, yet in a class there isn’t enough time to show each owner how to read their dog’s specific signals and find an effective way to communicate their expectations to their dog.

Every dog and owner are different. Not all dogs respond to the same types of correction or reward and not all owners are able to deliver all types of correction in a way that gets results. Effective training requires modifying the training methods to find what works for both you and your dog.

No matter how great a treatment is, if it isn’t addressing the actual problem it won’t get the desired results. Results come from picking up on the smallest clues sent by your dog as to how effective your interaction is at producing the result you want and fine-tuning you technique based on this continuous feedback.

I provide guaranteed one-on-one training and resources to improve your relationship with your dog.

I am available 7 days a week, and can schedule sessions to accommodate your needs.

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