Why Walking Your Dog Doesn’t Count as Exercise

Why Walking Your Dog Doesn’t Count as Exercise — No Matter How Much You Walk! One of the first questions I ask prospective clients is, “How much exercise does your dog get and in what form?” I start with this because dogs that don’t get enough physical and mental stimulation often have behavioral issues.Without daily… Continue reading Why Walking Your Dog Doesn’t Count as Exercise

It’s All in the Details!

An article in “Cell Metabolism” last month talks about a recent finding that reminds me, in many ways, of my approach to training dog owners. The author writes that it’s not what we eat that matters as much as how we eat it! The study showed that mice can eat whatever they want and won’t… Continue reading It’s All in the Details!

Dog Behavior Simplified

Why do dogs behave the way they do? There are as many factors motivating dog behavior as there are dogs and situations. To complicate matters, every behavior your dog exhibits is motivated by many factors rather than just one. Understanding these motivations can be greatly simplified by grouping them into two categories — the “behavioral”… Continue reading Dog Behavior Simplified

Distinctive Dog Training

Happy holidays to all! I hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying the time of year — and especially getting outside with your dogs. As many of you know, I don’t have a dog at the present time. This surprises people more than any other fact about me. See my recent blog article titled “Dog… Continue reading Distinctive Dog Training

Be Reasonable

Be Reasonable — Especially in Dog Training   The most frequent dog training question I get asked is, “How do I change this behavior?” The behavior might be pulling on the leash, jumping on people, chewing, digging, aggression, etc. This seems like a reasonable question to ask, but I believe there is a more fundamental… Continue reading Be Reasonable

Effective Corrective

There are many ways to train a dog to do anything you want him/her to do. The methods used by trainers reflect this and run the gamut. Some trainers use positive reinforcement only – they only reward desired behavior; while others use shock collars exclusively to discourage unwanted behaviors. I prefer a balanced approach that… Continue reading Effective Corrective

Aggressive Play

Many dog books and trainers assert that playing aggressively with your dog encourages your dog to be aggressive. In my opinion, the opposite is true! For dogs with aggressive tendencies, rough play can provide a healthy outlet so that aggressive behavior doesn’t come out in unacceptable ways. Let’s look at a popular breed which is… Continue reading Aggressive Play

Treating the Problem — Not the Symptom

Many dog trainers disagree with me on this, but not all dog behaviors should be addressed through training. Just like people, dogs have basic needs for food, water, shelter, physical, mental, and emotional stimulation. These basic needs must be satisfied before you can work effectively to change your dog’s behavior. If you were so hungry… Continue reading Treating the Problem — Not the Symptom

Sacramento Dog Parks

Finally a single map showing all of the dog parks in the Sacramento Metro area! I firmly believe there is no substitute for dogs being able to run full speed and chase other dogs and be chased by other dogs. But the dog park can be a very dangerous place. I urge lots of caution… Continue reading Sacramento Dog Parks

Why a Slack Leash is So Important

There is no single thing that you as a dog owner can do that will improve your relationship with your dog more than to start walking your dog with a slack leash. I get more inquiries from people that want to be able to walk their dog without it pulling all the time, than I… Continue reading Why a Slack Leash is So Important

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