Choosing The Right Prong

Choosing The Right Prong Collar

Herm Sprenger

The only prong collars I currently use and recommend are made by Herm Sprenger. I use the 3.0mm, which is also sometimes referred to as the 3.2mm (3.0 is actually the chain size and 3.2 the diameter of the links). I prefer the one WITHOUT the quick-release clip built into the chain. For dogs with a neck size of 14 inches or larger I use the 3.0mm. For smaller dogs I like the 2.25mm WITHOUT the quick-release. Both are shown in the image below on the right. The image on the left shows three other versions that I do not use. The two metal collars in this photo are Herm Sprengers, but they have the quick-release clip in the chain, which I don’t care for. The clip does actually allow you to get a better collar fit, but in my experience the collar can pop off more easily. Also if the collar is not fitted perfectly I find that the clip actually interferes with the operation of the collar by limiting the amount of chain that is available to slide through the opening. The 3.0 or 2.25mm actually refers to the gauge of the wire used to make the individual links. One reason I like the Herm Sprenger collars is that the ends of the links are rounded rather than flat. Many prong collars have flat link ends, which have a sharp edge that can cut into your dog’s skin. NEVER USE A PRONG COLLAR WITHOUT A BACKUP STRAP!!! I can’t emphasize this enough. Eventually, the links of your prong collar will twist and the collar will pop off. It only happens once every few years, but the last thing you want is for your dog’s collar to come off if he is pulling to get to a squirrel — he will get run over by a car! See my free video here for how to fit the collar and attach the strap. I also sell a video on “The Basics Of Walking A Dog Using A Prong Collar” for $9.95 here.

Update: I have recently started using a clip sold by Herm Sprenger that acts as a quick release mechanism that goes on the actual prong collar links. This makes the prong collar much easier to put on and take off. I LOVE this one! A picture of it is here

2.25mm (top) and 3.0mm (bottom) with backup strap between them.

These are three prong collars that I do NOT use. The metal ones have a quick-release clip.

Ring Size May Vary

Even if you order a non quick-release 3.0mm Herm Sprenger prong collar, you may not get the one I like. There is a version of the collar that is still a 3.0mm, but has a larger ring and larger links on the chain. The larger links make the collar operation much less smooth. It can be very difficult to tell which collar you are ordering, even if the website has the right picture, which is not always the case. Often if it is listed as a 3.0mm and 16″, it is more likely to be the correct ring size. On some websites they are listed as a 3.0mm and 18″ and that may be more likely to be the larger ring version. I have purchased the newer ones with the description “Herm Sprenger Ultra-Plus 3.0mm Dog Prong Training Collar” and those are usually the right ring size as well.

See my image on the left below which shows the larger ring and smaller ring versions of the 3.0mm prong. It is not easy to tell the difference, even in this image. For this reason I only order prong collars from suppliers I have used in the past. I used to get them from Chewy and gotpetsupplies.com. Since the pandemic started, both have been out of stock. See the image below on the right of the Chewy listing. It looks like they do have the collar I like in stock at Pets Warehouse here and I believe I have ordered from them in the past and this is the collar I like.


Two 3.0mm Herm Sprenger prong collars with different size rings.

The Herm Sprenger I used to order from Chewy.com
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