Free Training Videos

Free Training Videos

The following videos provide insight into my training methods and will, in some cases, give you a feel for how I interact with dogs. I’ve developed ALL of my own techniques, so when you look at the fine details of what I’m showing you — and success lies in the fine details — you won’t see anything I show you in a book, a video, or from another trainer. I know this for a fact since I developed them! I offer an introductory video training session if you want to start training today! Thank you.

Dog Collars

This video series includes information on “Collars, Harnesses, and Pulling”, “Prong Collar Fundamentals”, “Collars & Choke Chains”, “How To Give a Proper Collar Correction”, and “Fitting A Prong Collar”. If you watch these and want to know which prong collar I recommend, visit this page.

Walking And Doorways

This video series includes information on “Parvo And Walking Your Puppy”, “Going In Or Out A Door On The Leash”, “How to Walk Your Dog With a Loose Leash”, “How to Go In A Door with Your Dog On The Leash”, and “Letting Your Dog Out” .

Behavior Management

This video series includes information on “Energy Management”, “Playing Tug of War”, “Reinforcing Calm Instead of Excited Dog Behavior”, and “Claiming A Space”.

Safety Precautions

This video series includes information on “Dog Park Safety” and “The Right Chew Toys for Dogs”.

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