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Puppy Basics – A detailed primer with everything you need to know to get you and your puppy off to a great start.

Addressing Separation Anxiety and Boredom – Tips for diagnosing and treating separation anxiety.

How to Play Tug With Your Dog – Step by step description of how to play and link to the video demo.

Bringing a New Dog Into An Established Household – If not done properly this can be a disaster!

Group Classes versus Private Training – Comparison of groups and individual training and why groups don’t work well.

Teach Your Dog To Love Fireworks (or anything) – Using meat you can train your dog to love fireworks, lightning, or anything.

Coprophagia – Why dogs eat poop and things you can try to help change this behavior.

Getting Your Dog’s Attention – Getting your dog’s attention can be tricky and is a prerequisite to giving your dog any command.

Dog Park Guidelines – Extremely important information on safety if you plan to go to the dog park with your dog.

Muzzles – Training your dog to love wearing a muzzle.

Choosing The Right Prong Collar –There is only ONE prong collar that I use and they can be very hard to find.

The Leash I Recommend – There is only ONE leash that I like. See which leash it is and why I like it here.

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