Choosing the right size Muzzle and Training Your Dog to Like Wearing It

I prefer the basket style muzzle. They are secure. It has openings that are large enough on the sides to feed the dog treats, and the dog still has the ability to pant and to drink water. This is what they look like.

I generally don’t like to use muzzles when training. They have a tendency to change dog behavior. If they give you as an owner the confidence to start bringing your dog around other people and dogs without him hurting anyone, then their use can be justified. You never want to rely solely on a muzzle for safety though.

To measure your dog for the right size:

  1. Place the “zero” end of the measuring tape between the dog’s eyes, even with the inside corner of the eyes. Stretch the measuring tape straight down the middle of your dog’s snout and note the measurement at the very end of the dog’s nose.
  2. Subtract one half inch from the measurement you just made (one inch for very large dogs)–this is because most muzzles won’t reach all the way up to the dog’s eyes but stop just about a half inch short of them. This is the snout length.
  3. Gauge the circumference of your dog’s snout by wrapping the measuring tape around it, one half inch below the inside corners of its eyes. The dog’s mouth should be closed as you do this; make sure the tape is snug but not tight or taut.
  4. Check this muzzle sizing chart. The first number is the length and the second the circumference. Find the length that matches your dog’s snout and then verify that the muzzle is larger than your dog’s snout in circumference. I have most sizes in stock and sell them for $20 or $25.

Here is a phenomenal video that shows how to muzzle train your dog. The idea is to make it a very positive experience and not to simply put the muzzle on your dog until he gets used to it. If you do that he will hate the muzzle and never let you put it on him again and if you do he will not like it.

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