Cost of Training

Start With The Basics!

We start with fundamentals to show you how to get your dog to take direction from you and how to clearly communicate your expectations to your dog. This piece must be in place before you can change any behavior your dog has and this alone solves most problems. Keep in mind this is dog owner training, NOT dog training. With this foundation, you should gain the skills needed to change any behavior your dog has that you want to change. I recommend starting with my Basics Videos. The Basics are two, one-hour videos you can watch at home, followed by two group video chat sessions where I answer questions or problems you have in implementing the techniques in the videos. The Basics Videos cost $60 (total, not per hour) per household. Purchasing The Basics videos will give you plenty to think about and work on for at least two weeks. You can watch a preview and purchase The Basics Videos here.I understand that you may be looking for more than basic obedience training, but I still recommend we start with fundamentals. I developed ALL of my own techniques. I didn’t learn anything I know from a book, a video, or another trainer. So everything I show you will be things you have not seen before. Some of the techniques may seem similar to what you are doing or have seen, but when you dive into the specific details they will be different. And success is in the fine details!

Everything builds on the foundation we establish. The basics ensure that your dog takes his lead from you. This piece must be in place before you can change any behavior your dog has. The Basics also put in place the structure that your dog needs to feel secure and be happy. Insecurity drives a LOT of bad dog behavior. The basics are important for both of these reasons. If we skip the basics and jump right into changing specific behaviors, you could do what I show you perfectly, but if your dog doesn’t take direction from you, or if you are asking your dog to do something your dog can’t do, then it isn’t going to make a lick of difference. Over 90% of my clients get the results they are looking for out of simply watching these videos and making changes and never follow up with private sessions.

After The Basics I recommend you move on to “Dealing with Distractions”. In that video I review everything covered in The Basics and move on to loose leash walking. You can watch a preview of that video here. I also offer individual Zoom calls and I have discovered that we can accomplish many of the things we would work on in an in-person session. Four 30 minute Zoom sessions is about the equivalent of a single 90 minute in-person session. I charge $40 for a 30 minute Zoom call and have openings daily. I have moved all of my training online.

I have new videos on jumping, nipping/chewing, and walking with the prong collar that are available for purchase on my website here. If you are considering going this route before purchasing The Basics videos, make sure you watch the free video on energy management first. It is possible that these videos will be of limited effectiveness if you are asking your dog to do something he/she is not capable of doing and that yours is not a “training” issue, but rather an energy management issue. Previews of these videos are linked below:

There are plenty of dog trainers that charge more than I do and you may even find a few that charge less. Choose carefully! I have many clients that have seen multiple trainers before coming to me that did not fix their issues. From the stories my clients tell me, there are a lot of really bad trainers out there giving terrible advice. Ask lots of questions, read lots of reviews online, be sure what any perspective trainer tells you makes complete sense and if it doesn’t make sense keep asking questions until it does. Many experienced trainers start at $1500 (or considerably more) to train a dog. I keep my prices low to make my services available to as many people and dogs as possible. I love what I do and I do this because I am passionate about improving dog/owner relationships.

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