“Jaimie Scott helped our family with our newly rescued dog recently. No clickers, no treats, no coaxing and no nonsense! The time he spent at our home was used entirely up by showing us how to be “alpha” therefore having a better more well behaved dog. Simple skills of walking with a relaxed leash, giving… Continue reading Testimonials12


“My girlfriend and I had a great experience with Jamie. He came over for about and hour, and gave us clear, simple ways to calm our dog down. We’ve never had a dog before, and within just a week he has gone through vast improvements. Jamie has made a point to keep in touch on… Continue reading Testimonials11


“Jaimie came out for about an hour with three spoiled dogs and talked to me at length about what we were doing and how to gain better control. I am now walking all three dogs together twice a day. They are complimented by the neighbors for how calm and obedient they are on the walks.… Continue reading Testimonials10


“I was not really expecting much. My puppy can be willful and very clever when he wants to be. I had been trying for two months (with treats) to get him to do all sorts of things. After just one session with Jamie, I learned the subtle signals of dominance and was able to eat… Continue reading Testimonials9


“Harley was 12 weeks and had joined our family just 2 weeks prior to Jaime finding us… Harley was walking me when Jaime stopped us and asked if he could show me how to properly walk Harley. Jaimie immediately got Harley’s attention, got him to focus and got him to walk like a good little… Continue reading Testimonials8


“My family rescued a chihuahua mix dog recently. I had very little knowledge of dogs. Jaime came to our house and helped my husband and me establish who was the boss/es. We had two sessions with Jaime, and my house is now a more peaceful house. Our dog now listens to us. I highly recommend… Continue reading Testimonials5


“Cassie was barking at the neighbors or anyone else that came to the house, growling at the cat and she was pulling us around the neighborhood on walks. Jamie taught me how to show Cassie that I am in charge. Now she is quite, nice to the cats, and she walks next to me on… Continue reading Testimonials4


“Our rescue dog, Dug, had been with us for a few weeks that were hell. We were at the end of our rope. We were doing all the “DogWhisperer” stuff, but nothing seemed to work. Dug was a nervous pee’er and appeared to be under stress. When he relieved himself on my wife’s leg that… Continue reading Testimonials3


“Jaimie has turned an unmanageable situation with a very high strung border collie pup into a pleasant relationship in just two one hour sessions.” I HIGHLY RECOMMEND JAIMIE’S SERVICES! — written by Bruce


“I can’t believe I let them pull me on our walks for the last 7 years! It’s really great not getting the “who’s walking who?” comments anymore. And having guests over is so much nicer now. The utter chaos that used to occur when guests arrive is also quickly becoming a thing of the past.… Continue reading Testimonials1

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