“Harley was 12 weeks and had joined our family just 2 weeks prior to Jaime finding us… Harley was walking me when Jaime stopped us and asked if he could show me how to properly walk Harley. Jaimie immediately got Harley’s attention, got him to focus and got him to walk like a good little Pup. Harley was very responsive to Jaimie and I could see we needed Puppy Owner Training asap. In our first session, Jaimie covered quite a bit. Mostly it was our “owner behaviors” and cues that were throwing Harley off. Jaime showed us that we were giving Harley mixed messages, he showed us how to engage Harley and then explained that with owner confidence and owner consistency, Harley had great potential. We can see Harley’s strengths and his interest to follow our lead and commands in just 2 sessions. Thank you Jaimie! ~The McMahans”

GREAT PUPPY OWNER TRAINING! — written by nenalb

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