The Leash I Recommend

The Leash I Recommend

Why I like This Particular Leash

I like the Circle T brand Latigo leather leashes because they are tapered where the leather is doubled-over and connects to the clasp. This makes the leash more flexible in that region, which makes it easier to give a proper collar correction. See the images below. Notice the stitch pattern in the leather where it is doubled over. Most leashes do not have this rectangle of stitching or have a metal brad instead. The image on the right shows the taper at the right edge of the folded over leather. Most leashes do not have this taper and it makes a difference, especially once the leash is broken in. I recommend the 3⁄4” by 6’ for dogs 35lbs and over. I like the 5⁄8” by 6’ for MED dogs from 12 to 35lbs, and I like the 3⁄8” by 6’ for small dogs under 12 lbs. I do NOT like, and NEVER use, the 1” wide leashes or the 4’ leashes (except in the SMALL 3⁄8” width sometimes, where either the 4’ or 6’ is fine). If you take care of the leash, and don’t let your dog chew it, it should last a long time. I’ve had mine for 17 years and it’s been chewed on (only for very brief periods) by lots of puppies over the years. Initially they can be a little stiff, but if you take some mink oil or leather conditioner and work it into the leash it will soften right up.

Stitch pattern on the Circle T Latigo Leather Leash where it connects to the clasp.

Side view showing tapered leather on doubled-over section.

Buying These Leashes Online

All three of the websites I have purchased these leashes from in the past are out of stock or no longer carry them. The leash description is usually something like “Coastal Circle T Latigo Leather Leash 3/4 x 6ft”.  I checked the availability of these leashes in OCT 2021, so the information listed below may have changed considerably since then. Back when I was able to find them, I could generally order them for under $30 each (including shipping).

I used to order from petmountain.com and they do currently list the SMALL 3⁄8” by 6’ in stock here, but shows them as being out of stock on the MED 5⁄8” and the LARGE 3⁄4” sizes.

PetsWarehouse.com says they have the large ones (3⁄4” by 6’) in stock here. Looks like they don’t sell the MED (5⁄8”) or SMALL (3⁄8”) sizes on this site.

I have purchased from petproducts.com here in the past, but they currently say they are out of stock on ALL Circle T Latigo Leather leashes and it has been that way for over six months.

There is a listing on Ryanspet.com for the small 3⁄8” by 6’ I like for dogs 12lbs and under. They also show the MED one (5⁄8”) in stock, but say they are out of stock on the LARGE (3⁄4”). I believe I have bought from these guys in the past once or twice.

I have occasionally found these leashes on Amazon and Ebay both in the past. Be VERY careful to read the listing descriptions and ALL of the details to make sure you are ordering the right size. Often the description and details will not match so it might say 3⁄4” by 6’ in the listing description and then in the details say it is a 1” by 6’. Also if the leather where it connects to the clasp looks in any way different from the images above it is not the right leash.

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