Dog-sharing can take many forms. Maybe you are frequently away from home, but would like to have a dog nonetheless. If the idea of having to kennel your dog every time you travel does not appeal to you, then you might want to co-own a dog or do a dog-share with someone that lives in your area. Or suppose you feel guilty every time you leave home to go to work and leave your dog behind. It may very well be the case that you have someone on your very street that is retired or has small children that would love to have the company of a dog during the day while you are at work, especially if it meant that they didn’t have the responsibility of owning a dog the rest of the time. These are just a couple of the scenarios that might make dog-sharing an appealing option for both you and your dog.
There are numerous advantages to a dog-share for both you and your dog.  These may include:
  • activity for your dog
  • activity for your dog-share partner
  • preventing your dog from getting bored
  • preventing your dog-share partner from getting bored
  • splitting of the expense, time, energy, and commitment required to own a dog
  • mental stimulation for your dog from living in two separate households with different owners and rules
  • peace of mind that your dog has companionship while not with you
  • socialization for your dog
Here are a few scenarios that might justify a dog-share:
  • You travel often
  • You work long hours
  • You are unable to give your dog the exercise your dog needs due to health limitations
  • Your dog barks or gets into trouble when left alone
  • Your neighbor’s dog barks when left alone
  • Your dog spends too much time alone
Well, what do you think? Post your comments below. I’ve yet to meet anyone that is actively participating in a dog-share, yet everyone I mention the idea to thinks it has a lot of merit. I’m hoping to create my own national dog-sharing database and host it right here on my website. The most immediate stumbling block is that I have to learn MySQL in order to create the database. Anyone out there with database creation skills that would be interested in exchanging services? Dog training or web analytics consulting for database creation?
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Wow! This is a wonderful idea…I have a dog with separation issues and this sounds custom made for us. I don’t have the computer expertise you need, but I would sure love to try to find it for you and offer my help in any way! Sign me up!


I love the dogsharing idea. I travel a lot and my dog chews and barks.


I’ve been thinking about this idea for some time. I’d love to explore dog sharing if the situation were right.

Kelly McCusker

I think this is a fabulous idea to enhance the lives of our dogs and the dogs in our communities. I would imagine if you create a database that veterinarians would be interested. The idea of having a professional help match dogs (and people) would make me much more comfortable trusting someone with my girl. I’ve been trying to find a neighbor who will let their dog play/visit with mine.


Hi Kelly. Thanks for your feedback. I’ve considered creating the DB myself and even started, but haven’t made finishing it a priority. Do you know anyone with DB programming skills? I looked and also started learning SQL, but didn’t have the time to stick with it. Maybe someday! — Jaimie

Marilyn Reyolds

I’ve been sharing a dog for the past year and a half. Our time share is close to half and half, depending on travel schedules, etc. We split vet bills and other expenses down the middle. I like the idea of a data base because finding a person to share with can be iffy. My dog-sharing partner and I talked through some of the basics–standards for medical care, dog type preferences, etc., before we even started looking for a dog. We agreed early on that we would find a rescue dog. We ended up with a mix–mostly miniature poodle.
I’ve been planning to write this up for some dog magazine but so far have not followed through. However, whenever I tell anyone that I’m sharing a dog the response is consistently “what a good idea!”


Thanks for sharing your experience Marilyn! And congratulations on your success! If I could find an experience similar to yours I might even consider getting a dog myself!

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