22 12, 2017

Choosing the Right Dog Food For Your Dog

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Finally there is a resource to help dog owners choose the right dog food for their situation and their dog! I am of the opinion that dry dog food (kibble) is the bottom rung on the ladder. Dogs bodies are not designed to eat kibble -- they're designed to eat raw meat. Your dog doesn't get [...]

18 11, 2016

Why Walking Your Dog Doesn’t Count as Exercise

2017-05-18T21:58:21+00:00 2 Comments

Why Walking Your Dog Doesn't Count as Exercise -- No Matter How Much You Walk! One of the first questions I ask prospective clients is, "How much exercise does your dog get and in what form?" I start with this because dogs that don't get enough physical and mental stimulation often have behavioral issues.  Without daily [...]

28 04, 2015

Dog Relationships as a Gauge

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Let's shift our focus momentarily from how to train our dogs to how we pay attention to our dogs. The insight from this new perspective might surprise you, and may even help you find a more centered, deeper connection with your dog.  Keep in mind, dogs are often prescribed as therapy animals. They have an amazing [...]

9 02, 2015

It’s All in the Details!

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An article in "Cell Metabolism" last month talks about a recent finding that reminds me, in many ways, of my approach to training dog owners. The author writes that it's not what we eat that matters as much as how we eat it! The study showed that mice can eat whatever they want and won't gain [...]

16 04, 2014

Dog Behavior Simplified

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Why do dogs behave the way they do? There are as many factors motivating dog behavior as there are dogs and situations. To complicate matters, every behavior your dog exhibits is motivated by many factors rather than just one. Understanding these motivations can be greatly simplified by grouping them into two categories -- the "behavioral" side [...]

26 12, 2013

Distinctive Dog Training

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Happy holidays to all! I hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying the time of year -- and especially getting outside with your dogs. As many of you know, I don’t have a dog at the present time. This surprises people more than any other fact about me. See my recent blog article titled "Dog Trainer, [...]

30 07, 2013

Why I Would Never Get a Puppy

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A client with two small children and an eight week old English Bulldog once said to me, "Puppies are much more difficult to raise than kids. It's like having a baby that doesn't wear a diaper." Most people considering getting a puppy have no idea what they are getting themselves into. I often tell clients that [...]

1 08, 2011

Effective Corrective

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There are many ways to train a dog to do anything you want him/her to do. The methods used by trainers reflect this and run the gamut. Some trainers use positive reinforcement only – they only reward desired behavior; while others use shock collars exclusively to discourage unwanted behaviors. I prefer a balanced approach that combines [...]

Benefit of Private Dog Training

Classes are good for socializing your dog around people and other dogs, yet in a class there isn’t enough time to show each owner how to read their dog’s specific signals and find an effective way to communicate their expectations to their dog.

Every dog and owner are different. Not all dogs respond to the same types of correction or reward and not all owners are able to deliver all types of correction in a way that gets results. Effective training requires modifying the training methods to find what works for both you and your dog.

No matter how great a treatment is, if it isn’t addressing the actual problem it won’t get the desired results. Results come from picking up on the smallest clues sent by your dog as to how effective your interaction is at producing the result you want and fine-tuning you technique based on this continuous feedback.

I provide guaranteed one-on-one training and resources to improve your relationship with your dog.

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